• Marketing communications and Client Booking Service provided by James McKenzie, ensuring HR’s workload for the promotion of the benefit is kept to a minimum
  • Educational seminars,road shows and webinars offered to employees
  • Professional & efficient service with employees met at their offices or homes
  • Advice given on all potential scenarios so the Will is as ‘future proofed’ as possible
  • James McKenzie do not act as Executors,potentially saving family members unnecessary legal fees after death


Benefit Providers

We work with many of the leading Benefit Provider companies, most often as their preferred Will Writing supplier. If you are a Benefit Provider and would like to add our services to your roster, we would love to hear from you. Click here and we will be in touch.

If your company uses a Benefit Provider platform, ask about James McKenzie’s services for your employees.
We work closely with both the Providers and their clients to ensure maximum training and education on the benefit.

We also offer be spoke marketing solutions to launcher support your ongoing Will Writing benefit service.